How do you play an older version of Valheim?

Valheim has just released patch 0.211.7 and with this release, players are now allowed to play an older version of Valheim with the default_old branch!

Just follow this quick guide to launch your Valheim game in an older version:

Select the Valheim game on steam and click on settings.

Go to settings

Select properties from the list.

Select properties

Select the Betas tab.

Select Betas

Click the drop down menu under "Select the beta you would like to opt into"

Click dropdown

Select default_old - Previous Stable


Close the settings window and Valheim should be queued to update

Congratulations! You can now launch an older version of Valheim!

Best use cases:

Your server provider is not updating your server to the latest version
Your server is modded and the mods are still incompatible with the latest version
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